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Definition of Collective Terms
Burns Lake Tool Rental
Tools and / or other Equipment being rented
The Customer acknowledges that he or she
  • has had an opportunity to personally inspect any equipment being rented;
  • finds the Equipment to be in good condition and suitable for the intended use;
  • understands the Equipment’s proper use as specified by the manufacturer’s
  • has the duty to inspect the Equipment prior to each use and
  • has to notify BLTR of any defects.
Equipment Malfunction
If any Equipment becomes unsafe or falls into a state of disrepair as a result of normal use (during the rental period), the Customer will immediately discontinue the use of such equipment and will immediately notify BLTR of such an occurrence. BLTR (upon receipt of such notification) shall then;:
  • replace such Equipment (if such replacements are available) but will not have any other obligations whatsoever, should replacements not be available !
    • To Clarify, BLTR shall not be responsible or liable for any incidental or consequential damages, which may have been caused by delays (due to the unavailability of the equipment) or for any other reasons.
  • credit the customer the unused portion of the rental amount for future use.
Rental by Time & Use
Definition of Time:
  • Rental charges begin to accrue when BLTR permits the Equipment to leave its premises,
  • Rental charges shall continue to accrue until the Equipment is returned to BLTR.
  • Returned means that;
    • the return is acknowledged by BLTR,
    • the Equipment is “Checked In” during BLTR’s opening hours,
    • the Equipment is READY to be rented again
Definition of Usage:
  • Rental rates are based on regular usage of (not exceeding) 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week,
  • Additional rental charges shall apply for “Excess Usage” over or beyond that time,
  • “Excess Usage” shall be charged at the same rate as “Time Charges”, unless the Customer has negotiated a lower rate with BLTR in advance of the rental.
Dirty, Damaged Or Lost Equipment
The Customer assumes all responsibility for the Equipment while out of BLTR’s possession. Thus the customer return rented Equipment clean and in “as good a condition” as when the equipment left BLTR’s premises (natural wear from responsible use is accepted).
If Equipments is returned Dirty, Damaged or is completely lost, the Customer will;
  • Pay a cleaning fee for Equipment returned unclean;
    • Cleaning is charged at $25.00 / hour,
    • A min. 1 hour cleaning fee is charged
    • Longer cleaning requirements are charged in additional 1 Hour increments.
  • Pay for all damage to Equipment,
    • repairs may be performed by BLTR or (at BLTR’s option) by other parties;
  • Pay for the actual replacement cost of Equipment that is
    • lost (including stolen) or
    • damaged beyond repair; and
  • Pay (as a pre-estimate of liquidated damages) the rental rate that is continuing to accrue from the time the Equipment was scheduled to be returned, until such time the Equipment is repaired or replaced and again available to be rented.
Security Deposit
A Security Deposit is charged and payable by the Customer to BLTR at the time of rental.
The Security Deposit varies and is;
  • based on the value of the Equipment being rented,
  • clearly listed in BLTR’s rental Price List,
  • Non-Negotiable.
Rental Fees
All charges payable by the Customer and any other amounts due to BLTR under this Rental Contract are due when the Equipment is scheduled to be returned or when otherwise requested by BLTR.
At the time of rental returns, BLTR will check Equipment being returned for cleanliness & operational quality and based on it's findings:;
  • assess Rental Fees
    • (assess cleaning fees if applicable)
  • deduct payable fees from the Security Deposit, and
  • return any un-used portions of the Security Deposit, or
  • require immediate payment of any fees over & beyond the amount of the Security Deposit.


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